To lay it all out.

Ever felt this longing to switch forward to ten years from now and see how things will be?

Would there be a new me?

These 5 AM outbursts,

This unquenchable thirst,

This heart racing,

This breath shortening,

Just to have it all,

Craving for these chains binding me to fall,

Tell me you’ve felt it too?

That certain pinchy feeling of not being able to hold those dreams that in the dead of the night seemed so true?

I See. I Feel. I Hear.

I see people looking for shade,
See them dancing at the foot of a cascade,
I see them getting tanned,
As for long hours somewhere sometime they stand,
I see cheeks growing erubescent,
As around me I see nature iridescent,
I see half-sleeves, short skirts,
All this while,
I see people’s faces brighten up with smiles,
As they have ice-creams as desserts.

I feel my heart beating to the rhythm of the rain drops falling from above,
I feel in the air, the feeling of love
I feel the wind trying to pick me up,
Take me to the heavens above and beyond,
I feel nature with us humans, forming a bond,
I feel sadness running away,
That sudden influx of happiness,
I feel is here to stay,
I feel the leaves dancing with joy,
For, I feel hope for humanity in the giggles of a boy.

I hear the winds howling in dark creeks,
I hear the sense of gratitude for the soldiers coming home after weeks,
I hear the applaud for a child getting promoted to a new grade,
I hear the sound of relief when a person finds some shade,
I hear the chirrupings of baby sparrows looking for their mother,
I think I need not go any further.
For all I know,
As the earth begins to veer,
As summer comes near,
The sun, gives us some respite from our dark fears..

She’s among us.

You destroyed the spirit of  “Freedom”,
Did an act you thought is left unpunished for, seldom,
She stood up for a friend,
Was that a reason enough, to bring her life to an end?
You tore her spirit apart,
Instilled fear in every woman’s heart,
And what do you think, our anger would have simply stood behind that rampart?
How could such a deed even cross your mind?
Didn’t humanity instead force you to go blind?
Twenty Three, is what she was.
Not even once could those innocent eyes of hers make you pause?
She died yesterday,
Well, nobody’s going to save you, no matter how much you pray,
Don’t mistake silence for inactivity,
Even the Trojan horse destroyed Troy when everyone thought it was just an empty cavity,
There might not be a sight of remorse on your face this very moment,
The devil himself will come for you with a torment,
Her body may lay lifeless,
But her soul, today lives fearless
In the hearts of those with raging voices demanding justice,
Demanding for you to be hanged till the summer solstice,
Her death shall not go in vain,
Not far is the day, blood from you,
The one above, out he shall drain,
Lifeless yet alive,
Her curse shall haunt you till the moment into a volcano you dive,
Just know,
The night you touched her,
Your feet deep into the lion’s lair they were,
You may have thought, from punishment you shall be exempted,
But as they say, in life things happen unexpected,
She smiles in her grave,
For an easier end to yourself you shall soon crave.
The moment she laid her guard down against that ruthless crime,
Started beating the hearts of a million daughters for the first time,
In every household, Damini shall be the subject for numerous fables,
But for you, the day you die, none shall wear those sables.
Damini was gangraped in Delhi, India on the 16th of December, 2012.
She sustained major injuries.
Fighting fiercely with death, she finally gave up on the 28th of December.
May her soul RIP.


This well, has been written by two poets.
And personally, I love it when I meet someone else with the same interests.
Thank You Smriti Bhoker! 🙂

Just when,
Just when the time is right,
You and me,
Shall stand under the moonlight.

For the faith in us which can never subside
For the pain that we both can no longer hide
For the love that can never be called right
So here we are..
Under the moonlight

So come lets go, leave this world behind,
To a place, some serenity where we find,
To a place no sorrow persists,
To a place where nothing but happiness exists,
Just stay by my side right there then,
I’ll promise you my world the time comes when.

As i close my eyes i decide to born again just so that i can die.
As i hold your hand it conceals every sinful lie.
As we step forward you and me….
We both burst and we shine.
As we kill our innocence we both are able to hide in this rhyme.
So we know the end might be here but we will still smile.
Forget about the world,the rules don’t even think about time!
We’d be there for each other… even if this ends before the escape of moonshine.

Stay besides me,
And from those chains that stop us from being one,
We shall break free,
The world might stay wide-eyed,
But one thing I’m sure of,
Hate from within us.from within the ones that surround us would have died,
That day in December,
I would have gone on my knees remember. 

I became the devil once.

Be it a cigar or a glass of wine,
You tolerated every mistake of mine,
You’d put your heart and soul to make me feel blessed in every way possible,
For, every effort of yours was plausible,
An easy person to be with; neither I am nor was,
For you leaving me, I could not find success in making that the cause,
The way I treated my haters, I treated you worse than that intentionally,
Even then you’d not stop putting my flaws away with a smile unconditionally,
I’d not talk to you for weeks straight,
But, never did I see in your eves the slightest bit of hate,
Your friends would try to inquire my intentions,
All i’d do is ignore their mind numbing questions,
And just when I thought of giving up,
You said, you wanted to follow different lanes,
That day,
Pride is what flowed through my veins,
Not realizing, for my actions, someday I’ll have to pay.

Today, when I write this,
Everything. Word-to-Word for i remember,
The day dated 2010, 24th December,
When my plans hid beneath my smile,
When I decided to walk the extra mile,
There hasn’t been a single day since that moment,
I haven’t wished I could turn back time and stop myself from causing that torment,
The devil for I had become,
For the pain I’ve caused,
To the grounds I succumb,
I never really thought you’d give me another chance,
But when you did, my subconscious performed the ‘relieved-of-duty’ dance,
How much you’re thought you really have no clue.
What I am today is all cause of you.

Amazing post!
Made me run out of words.

The Better Man Project ™

I can’t tell you how many times I have told someone that I cared about them, whether in a relationship sense or just as friends, and received…worse that disastrous results. In fact, there have been times actually where the other person simply just doesn’t respond. Yikes.

You know, there’s this old saying that you find out about someones true character when they are in hard times and pressure situations. I do think that this is true, in fact I have seen in myself. If you aren’t solid, the compartments of your life will spring leaks and eventually you will get crushed by the weight. But for the best built submarines, 300 meters is still the same as launching point. However, I also think that people’s true colors are shown when you tell them what is in your heart. Some run, some go to silence, some fly away forever…it’s really a…

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Smile and Smirk.

I sometimes sit wondering,
Did the big-bang happen really?
Are the lands of this gracious planet dampening discreetly?
Such things, worth pondering over
Inside my mind, up and down, they hover.
How can things be so full of beauty,
And not expect from us anything,
Something that stood as our duty?

Those birds that chirrup at dawn,
And those squirrels playing with each other in that heaven’s gifted lawn,
Those day-dreams, flow fountains of wine in which,
And those tiny ones blessed by the footsteps of lilo & stitch,
The little cries of a baby just brought to life..
Reasons to smile,
For now I see, around me are rife.

Those moments of togetherness during celebrations,
The times when the only things in our minds are hugs and not allegations,
When Ignorance,hate and our respective egos are kept at the bay,
Together shall those kids across borders play.
The world would be glowing with smiles and smirks,
For I believe, there exists a day we shall be burying those blood-colored dirks.

An Irreparable Loss

A Sunday morning it was,
The world was busy rolling without a pause,
There sat in one corner of a small house,
A normal house-wife tired of doing the daily chores,
Her two successful sons, touched her feet being bent,
For her blessings lead them in the darkness they said,
She couldn’t be any prouder; the sons she fed,
Had taken her name to heights that soared,
Like a young and strong lion, they roared,
But, that day her heart paced,
Uneasy she felt, while to the temple she raced.

Suddenly, something made her cease,
For on the door was the police,
Her son had killed himself, they said,
And that, her son now was dead,
Tears rolled down her cheeks,
Her new-found world had been torn apart,
She felt weak,
A pillar of her foundation was now gone,
The world came to a sudden still,
As if karma was on the kill.
Gasping, Panting, Crying she cursed the one above,
For he took from her, the son she raised with all her love.

As her second son lit fire over his dead brother’s body,
His mother’s eyes went cloudy,
Lifeless,was what she felt,
With miseries, tough times had she dealt,
this just couldn’t take place,
For in the darkest of corners, she searched for solace.

An Irreparable loss it was,
She tried everywhere to look for the cause,

Its been three years now,
The loss surfaces somehow,
The world could be so ruthless,
She was clueless.

We’ll meet again.

Goodbyes aren't forever.

Because you and I will meet again,
When we’re least expecting it,
One day in some far off place,
I will recognize your face,
Neither would there be a goodbye,nor a hi,
For those tears in our eyes would have spoken a thousand words..
Remembering those memories that seemed ever blurred 🙂
Counting those days we’d spend not talking,
And the times an endless road got conquered walking,
Whining at a 10 rupee note lent,
And the endless love letters to the girl-next door sent.
Bringing to the surface, that part of us missing each other,
For all I know, I need not think anymore,
Yes, we’ll watch the sun setting,being on the sea shore,
What lay in our future, both of us don’t really know,
Right there then, that day well, I’d treat you with a momo 😀
Life’s short.
The Earth may probably get hotter..
A few more stars might crash,
20 years might as well pass-by in a flash,
Just know, even if the world’s coming to an end,
I’ll be besides you, sitting there to defend! 😀

His Sufferings

As tears ran through his eyes,
As thoughts about her filled his mind,
As he prepared himself to bid farewell to someone with who, he knew he was no longer entwined.

The darkest of his fears were now bleak,
Ahead of him was the devil’s creek,
His mind was aggravated..
His breaths up and down were they escalating,
His fingers were shaking,
His teeth were shivering,
His inner soul being torn into pieces he felt,
As her name in his mind he spelt.

The marble on the floor was no longer white,
For as much as one looked around red was the only colour in sight.

The day before,
In a dream had she come to him,
Kissing him goodbye just like in a film,
Ignorance is what he chose of,
For only a dream it was,
Wondering how even the slightest of pain could it cause?
Off to sleep he went,
Without realising, he had accidentally let free a serpent.

And finally when the serpent had striked,
The sight of reminiscence,
Shrouded him with the devil’s essence,
He felt timid, weak in a world that now seemed so untrue,
Everything around him had acquired a grey hue,
His insides were now cold,
For his soul, to the demons he sold.

As he laid lifeless in a hearse bearing his name,
Another story came to an end,
For his departure, nobody stood there to comprehend,
The agony instilled within him since birth,
Got lost somewhere as his coffin was lowered into the earth,
And as for the final time he closed his eyes,
In somepart of the world were heard a new born baby’s cries.